National Championship - "NON-OLYMPIC CLASSES JUNIORS" 2015

The annual National Championship "NON-OLYMPIC CLASSES JUNIORS" 2015 has finished. 

On the third and final racing day under fantastic sailing conditions and wind speed between 10 and 12 meters per second, the two final races have been conducted. 

The fantastic performance by the young sailrs have rewarded us with spectacular addrenaline filled moments and after many shofts they have formed the final results. 

National Champonship - "NON-OLYMPIC CLASSES JUNIORS 2015"

The first racing day of the annual National Championship for non-olympic classes has finished.

The champonship is taking place in the city of Pomorie and the event is hosted by OMCK "Cyclon-Pomorie" 

All domestic sailing clubs are participating in the championship as the count of the youngest racers in class "Optimist" is 89.

The count of the participant in the rest of the classes is as follows : 

class  "Laser 4.7" - 24 ; class "420" - 11  and class "Cadet" - 5 


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